Boiled meat

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[Spices] 1 star anise, [spice] 1 small pepper, [spice] cinnamon 1 small section, [fragrance] dried citrus peel 3-5 pieces, [fragrance] ginger pieces 6-10 pieces, [sauce] soy sauce 2 Spoon, [sauce] 1 small spoonful of soy sauce, [sauce] a little salt
500 grams of pork belly, 300 grams of pork (legs), 10 mushrooms, 1 large yuba, 5 cooked eggs


Pork belly, boneless pork thigh cut


Mushrooms and yuba are soaked in warm water for 10-20 minutes, and the eggs are cooked and peeled for use.


Meat cold water pot, put ginger into the blood to boil, then rinse off the cold water

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Add the spices, eggs, yuba and mushrooms after the fire is boiled. Boil again and cook for 60-90 minutes. Open the lid and drink for 10 minutes.

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Boiled meat

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Cooking skills

The girl’s broken mouth: 1. Large and small intestines, braised tofu, pork, etc. are common halogen cooking materials, you can also add eggs, quail eggs and other raw materials that can be cooked according to your preference. 2. Soy sauce is to deepen the color. Can not put