Sauce meat

Submitted by Jessie on Sat, 12/01/2018 - 15:22
4 green peppers, 5-6 garlic, 3 green onions, ginger, sweet sauce, sugar, oil
Pork belly 250g


Prepare materials

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Sliced ​​green garlic, sliced ​​meat, garlic chopped, ginger and minced

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Small fire, put the pieces of meat on and fry

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It’s ok to fry on both sides.

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Remove the meat and add the pepper to the musk

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Remove the pepper, musk ginger and minced garlic

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Put in the fried meat before, pour the chili into soy sauce, sugar, Pixian bean paste and sweet sauce, stir well

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Pour the green garlic before the pan

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Stir-fry until the green garlic becomes soft, and the fragrance is the most delicious!

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Shabu meat finished product

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Cooking skills

1. To make this concave pot of meat, the meat should be fat and thin with the pork belly, the meat should be fried and the oil is made, and the concave pot meat is made to be fragrant and not greasy; 2. In addition, the county bean paste is more salty and no more salt is added. 3, the concave pot meat is generally divided into two types, one is that I am fried this way, the other is to first boil the meat pieces, personally feel that it is still more delicious!